F. A. Q

F. A. Q
F. A. Q


1. Is it possible for foreigner open a company in Georgia?

Yes. Georgia is a very attractive destination for foreign investments and the Government supports foreign entrepreneurs.

2. What kind of companies that can be incorporated in Georgia?

Almost popular business type of company is the limited liability company but other options are the joint stock company, the cooperative, partnerships, sole proprietorship or branches of foreign corporations.

3. Does the company need to have an office in Georgia?

It’s not necessary for a company incorporated in Georgia to have a registered office in the country but if the owner take that, is more effective than.

4. What about the steps for company establishment in Georgia?

After choosing the right type of company, the applicant has to choose an available company name and start the registration procedure with the National Agency of the Public Registry. After the company is registered it can apply for other permits and for VAT registration. Finally, the investor can hire employees.

5. What is the minimum share capital in Georgia?

The minimum share capital depends on the type of company. It’s very different about various of companies.

6. What are the requirements for opening a bank account in Georgia?

In order to open a bank account for a company the investor must provide documents regarding the corporation or the sole proprietorship. The fees for opening a bank account will depend on the bank but the important is that “OPENING THE BUSINESS BANK ACCOUNT IN GEORGIA IS VERY DIFFICAULT AND ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE FOR FOREIGNERS” depends on government policies due to EU and USA orders..!!!

7. Do you need special permits and licenses in Georgia?

Sure. As another country certain business activities require investors to obtain special permits and licenses. For example construction companies must obtain various permits for any projects by city hall or another governmental organizations.

8. What are the taxes for companies in Georgia?

All the business acts by the companies has payable tax as the corporate income tax, the property tax, the value added tax or various customs duties in Georgia.

9. What are the reasons to invest in Georgia?

Georgia has a good geophysical and strategic location, easiest and clear tax system, “Free Economic Zones” and numerous possibilities for investments are just some of the reasons why Georgia is attractive for foreign entrepreneurs.

F. A. Q

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